All program design and analysis is done via Training Peaks application, while I approach training, and coaching, with a scientific understanding, and design programs specific to your needs while promoting peak performance and recovery through means backed by scientific literature.

Coach Robert

Robert Henning

BSc. Sport Science

BSC.Hons Physiological Science
University of Stellenbosch

For as far back as I remember, free movement has been engrained in my general state of being. From running around on the playground as a young child to participating in cross-country races in my primary-school years, all throughout my time as a rugby player, physical movement and the need to understand the human form has always intrigued me. Now, armed with a BSc. in Sport Science with an Honours in Physiological Science and over 10 years coaching experience, I am equipped with the knowledge and resources to help unlock the potential of the human body.

The purpose of a pacer is to keep one motivated when the miles become long, the legs get heavy, and the mind feels foggy; to ultimately remind you why you are doing this and to keep you moving toward your goal. In this sense, I am your pacer, and I have one main aim - to be your guide to Finish Strong.