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β€œA pacer is a runner who accompanies you in the latter stages of a race, providing encouragement, motivation, support, and companionship” - Hal Koerner


As with all things in life, you've likely reached a point in your training where you no longer improve, or you simply lack the motivation.

I am your pacer - here to guide you toward your goal, whatever that may be, through whatever means.

Need a Coach?

What ever your needs, goals, and availability, we have a tailored solution that suits you.



Do you need assistance on something specific?
A training program, key factors in setting yourself up for success? Advice on nutrition, gear, devices, routes, competitions? Let's chat.

Price: R450 per session

Coaching Package

A personal trainer and coach.
Through an initial consultation, we'll figure out how best to set you up for continuous, sustained progress.
Then we'll use a combination of continuous assessment, feedback and adjustments to keep you on track to where you want to be.

Price: R650 per month

Elite Package

For elite athletes requiring on-demand assistance. Typically for those who are training for a specific race, usually ultra-marathon distance.
24 hours / day
6 days / week

Price: R850 per month

The Process

Through an initial questionnaire and one-on-one consultation, your individualised program is designed using the Training Peaks platform. All sessions are loaded, monitored, and tracked via this powerful platform, and using a scientifically backed program development process called periodisation and the monitoring of metrics such as fitness, fatigue, form and total stress, you are able to peak at just the right time.

Step 1: Discover

An in-depth questionnaire detailing what drives you, what moves you, and what your end goals are.


Step 2: Design

Program design and monitoring through Training Peaks, where all sessions are uploaded to in specific detail of heart rate zones, pace, and intensity.


Step 3: Perform

After careful program design and monitoring, and weeks, sometimes months of working toward a goal, it all comes down to that performance.

What’s Been Happening

What Teampacer Athletes have to say


Tracy Surkont, Bastille 25km, VWS Trail Challenge and UTCT 21 Finisher 2018

β€œWithin two months of enlisting the help of Pacer running coach, I went from running 15km a week to 45km a week, improving week on week in pace and fitness. The results were faster than expected!

Through the expertise and guidance Robert has provided throughout my training  I reached milestones that I never thought possible. Words of wisdom and encouragement kept me going even through injuries to eventually reach my goal of running in the UTCT 2018.

I’m more confident in my ability to reach the goals I’ve set for 2019 and look forward to another year of belonging to the Pacer running team”


Minrie Steyn, PB Cape Peninsula marathon 2019, Two Oceans Ultra & Comrades Marathon 2019

β€œI decided I wanted to take my training seriously and knew I needed a coach. -Enter coach Robert Henning. I knew when I asked for more information and received his questionnaire that he was absolutely the correct choice. He is very detail-oriented and knowledgeable, being an extreme athlete himself and gets to know your goals and history before developing a comprehensive training plan tailored specifically for you.

His plans include in-depth descriptions for each workout including strength training, cross-training, post-run recovery, and race day strategies. He is extremely helpful with constant check-ins and feedback and always answer any questions. He is 1 part cheerleader 1 part drill sergeant. He sees your potential and he pushes it.

I am so glad I found him and proud to be considered one of his athletes.-I would highly recommend Coach Robert Henning to any athlete looking for professional guidance to improve their running and overall fitness.”


Roelof Mostert, Tsitsikamma Ultra & George MUT Winner 2018, UTCT 100 13th overall 2018

β€œHaving Robert from Pacer come on board and structuring my training has, and still is, yielding eminence dividends. Winning small races in preparation for big focus events, where in also my endurance and overall performance has gone from strength to strength. Having natural talent and ability is a rare gift but is useless when it is left neglected, without structure, without a plan, where ego dictates the terms and we are sometimes blinded by our quest to conquer insurmountable physical obstacles.

Trust the process.”

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